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Seeking the Stones - James. J. Lafferty
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The Poetry of J.J. Lafferty: Seeking the Stones

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This recording springs from my belief that the voice of the poet is part of the poem. A collection falling into four parts, the first travels the road of life from the hope in a newborn to the loneliness of old age. The second taps a number of veins of the Celtic world reconnecting with an older energy. The third addresses a variety of historical moments that reveal the tragic trials often faced by the insular Celts - a via dolorosa. Despite the adversity, the spirit never died and this too is evoked. Finally, a number of spiritual tensions are explored - including a feeling for the loss of a culture and a desire to gain a certain repossession that might place us beyond the current tensions and divisions, both external and internal. While the emphasis is on the Celtic culture, the voice is first and last a human voice sharing the heart's murmurings.

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