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Seeking the Stones - James. J. Lafferty
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The Poetry of J.J. Lafferty

New Book: The Persistent Pilgrim

Memories and Meditations of A Persistent Pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela and beyond by James J. Lafferty

James J. Lafferty was born of Irish ancestry in Glasgow, Scotland and came to Ontario, Canada in 1967. He did his post-graduate studies at McMaster University, Hamilton and, thereafter, became a high school teacher in Guelph. He retired from teaching in 2009 to allow more time for his writing. James has published his work through several media: A Celtic Blessing is available both as a book and a CD. His most recent publication is his longest poem to date, As Long As The Sun Dances, which tells of the plight of North American natives with parallels drawn from Irish and Scottish history.

Recent Works

A Celtic Blessing: A Collection of Poetry

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Seeking the Stones

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As Long as the Sun Dances

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